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Small businesses need marketing solutions tailored to their needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Through thoughtful and strategic planning, Allison Lane Creative can market and convey your business' competitive offerings directly to your target audience, freeing up time for you to focus on what you do so well: your business.

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01. Social Media

Peel away all of the noise, the ads, the keyboard warriors, and what you’re left with is the heart of social media: a space for storytelling. We are all storytellers with profoundly unique experiences, but how we share these stories and engage with those listening is what sets the field apart.

It has become more important than ever to dig deeper and create authentic, thoughtful content that leaves users with a lasting impression. There isn’t just one story to tell, there are hundreds. And the best part? There is an active, engaged audience hungry for more. Translating this to social media, and creating content that matters, is what Allison Lane Creative is all about.

02. Email Marketing

Email marketing still leads the pack as the most effective way to get in front of your audience. But the who, what, when, where, and why of it can be your greatest strength, or conversely, your greatest weakness. Who are you sending to? Are you creating segments based on behavior and where they are in the customer journey, or are you sending to all? What are you sending? Is it relevant, actionable, and clear? When are you sending? Are your emails optimized for best send times, do you have a defined cadence? Where are you directing your audience to? The fewer steps needed, the better. Why are you sending this? What use is it to your audience, informational, actionable, or something else? Let us get you on the right path to email marketing success.

03. Blog Creation

Blogs are one of the biggest assets in your business marketing toolbox. Not only are they a great way to expand on a variety of topics, but they also serve as the ultimate destination for social media and email marketing. If social media is the front door and initial greeting to your brand, then the website is the home of the brand, and it is social media’s job to usher in as many visitors as possible. But what your visitors find when they enter your website is just as important as how they get there. Blog content allows you to create search engine optimized, educational content on a variety of topics that can increase brand reputation, awareness, and ultimately, conversions. A published author with more than a decade of blog-writing experience, Allison Lane Creative can help to make sure these valuable pieces are being optimized for your brand.

04. Website Content

Your customer has reached your website, but what do they find there? Is it clear what services you’re offering, who you are, and that your brand is accurately conveyed? Just like social media, email marketing, and blog content, website content has an important, if not the most important, story to tell. Allison Lane Creative is here to help you tell it, beginning with a comprehensive audit of existing content and ending with on-brand website content that accurately conveys your offerings.

05. Brand Photography

You’ve got the right messaging and marketing tools to back it up, but do you have the photo assets to go along with it? Your brand impression is crucial to increased conversions, so why not put your best foot forward? Through a variety of brand photography offerings, Allison Lane Creative can make sure you, your team, and your products are marketed as they should be, whether that’s on social media, your website, email marketing, or in print collateral.

06. Marketing Direction

Unsure of where to start? Or how to tie all of your different marketing pieces together into one cohesive campaign? That’s where we come in. Whether it’s a holistic overview of your current marketing efforts, an actionable plan, or something in between, we’d be happy to help.

Tailored to fit your needs

A la carte offerings

Allison Lane Creative offers a variety of services, all within a one-woman shop at a competitive rate with quick turnarounds and no hoops to jump through. A la carte services mean there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, ensuring customers receive the tailored services best suited for their needs.

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